We’ve got ideas!

by | Dec 9, 2017

Hey, we know that this online conference is unfamiliar, new, and scary to you technophobes.

We want to make it easy, informative, comfortable, and FUN for everyone!

To that end, we have some great ideas!


We plan to offer prizes from our gracious sponsors to incentify actively participating in the conference.

Prizes for being the first participant to watch their first presentation, first participant to watch five presentations, first participant to watch all of the presentations, as well as first commenters and other such targets will be given.

Blog Posts

We’re going to encourage each of our presenters to write a blog post to engage participants prior to the conference window. The topic would be completely up to each presenter but would enhance or clarify their presentations in some way.

Virtual Exhibitor’s Hall

Our exhibitors will be featured in our virtual exhibitor’s hall so that you have access to the best of what they offer at a special discount for being Comprehensible Online participants. We’re going to even open up the exhibitor’s hall a week or so before the conference window so you won’t have to wait to get your hands on some great CI materials.

Online Discussions

Each presentation will have an online discussion area where participants can engage with the presenters at a time that is convenient for both. We encourage you to ask questions, post comments, hang out with fellow participants, and extend the conversation through these discussions.

So those are some of our initial ideas as we embark upon this online-conference journey.

Do you have any ideas that would make the Comprehensible Online experience better for everyone? Let us know in the comments below.



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