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Expert knowledge, tips, and advice from our presenters.

Elicia Cardenas

I am so excited to be presenting at Comprehensible Online. I am a middle school teacher who has been using TPRS and CI for about four years.  I teach 7th and 8th grade in a deskless classroom. I will be presenting about how to bring reading to life.  I...

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Maris Hawkins

I am Maris Hawkins, and I am so happy to be able to present in the first ever Comprehensible Online conference.  I like the flexibility to watch in my own time, and re-watch parts if necessary.  Plus, I can space it out over a few weeks to try to implement...

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Magister P – Lance Piantaggini

Magister P, here, and I'm excited for the advent of the new Comprehensible Online conference! Aside from eliminating travel/lodging, I'm most interested in the idea of seeing EVERY presentation at my own pace. In the summer conferences, I always have to...

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We’ve got ideas!

Hey, we know that this online conference is unfamiliar, new, and scary to you technophobes. We want to make it easy, informative, comfortable, and FUN for everyone! To that end, we have some great ideas! Gamification We plan to offer prizes from our...

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This is YOUR conference!

We've got a lot of ideas, but we want to hear from YOU! The Comprehensible Online conference is a new concept and we have a general idea of what you want to see, but we'd love to know more. What kinds of presentations would you like to see? What topics do...

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